Wellbeing Centre at HGS

28 Nov Wellbeing Centre at HGS

As a school that seeks to develop a more positive and caring school culture, and to improve not only the academic, but also the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of students, we are proud to announce that we have opened a Wellbeing Centre as part of the Student Support Faculty.

The new Wellbeing Centre provides specialist support staff,  youth workers and the school counselling services to respond to barriers that may be impacting on students’ physical, social, emotional, cognitive and spiritual state of being – all integral to effective learning.

The Wellbeing Centre offers a place of comfort for students who need additional help at any point in the school day.

Our aim is to offer the support that  students need to be happy, healthy and successful. Wellbeing first. Good academic results will definitely follow.

The Wellbeing Centre is open on a daily basis from 8.45am until the end of school day, including breaks and lunch times.

Ms Singh  (Head of Inclusion)

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